Please see below for a list of resources that may be helpful:

  • Understanding Cannabis
  • State of Ohio Medical Marijuana Website: The official website for the state of Ohio
  • Leafly: Great resource for people new to medical cannabis, offers information and reviews of strains and products
  • Americans for Safe Access: Guides and booklets for people new to cannabis, as well as other information and tips
  • Healer: Website dedicated to medical marijuana education
  • The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis: Forum for patients and caregivers alike to have access to information on medical cannabis and to choose whether or not it is the right fit for patients
  • Project CBD: Non-profit organization dedicated to CBD and cannabis education
  • Ohio Dispensaries: A full updated list of the open dispensaries around the state of Ohio, as well as other medial marijuana resources
  • NORML: Provides information about cannabis, including: personal, medical, and industrial use; testing; health endorsements; legal issues; and a ‘research library’ of information
  • Qualifications and Benefits of Medical Marijuana: article naming various qualifications that need to be met to use medical marijuana as well as the benefits that come with it
  • Family Health Care Partners: Affiliated website, for more appointment information
  • BioTE: Additional affiliated website with more of the services offered by Dr. Feicht and Dr. LeRoy